Affordable Housing Scheme is a major real estate activity that has brought Gurgaon on the real estate map on 400 acres. Some of the main projects that are coming up in and around Gurgaon also include Affordable Homes that will attract middle class people.The city Gurgaon is seeing new corridors of growth as well such as NH-8, Pataudi Road, Sohna Highway and Dwarka Expressway where local and prominent developers are planning to showcase their new projects of ‘Affordable Homes Gurgaon’ offers 2 bhk flat in gurgaon, 3 bhk flat in gurgaon.
List of Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon Show few of the prominent developers of the Gurgaon are Signature Global, Pivotal Infrastructure, GLS Infratech, Tulip Infratech, ROF Infratech & Housing and Zara Builder. The new residential projects have already noted 40-50% appreciation in the past couple of years.
The growing infrastructural development in and around the city is expected to boost the real estate sector further in near future.These projects will provide Affordable flats for urban Middle Class under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. It will also have a play zone for children, Club Houses for function gathering, commercial complex for Shopping, Gym for workout  and other activities.

The affordable housing projects in gurgaon proposes to Provide a home to each family by constructing affordable flats. This will ensure that the development of  Gurgaon is inclusive and does not render Anyone without one’s own  home. As the first step to this, in Gurgaon and near by area, 36000 affordable houses are on the way at the rate of carpet area.


Gurgaon-Affordable Housing Projects
Sr. No.File IDLicensce No.YearDate of LicensceTotal Area (Acres)SectorDeveloper Name
1LC-2983A11201410-06-20145.00102Nani Resorts & Floriculture Pvt. Ltd.
3LC-3048A12201410-06-20145.00104Perfect Buildwell Pvt. Ltd.
4LC-3061A13201410-06-20145.1784Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
5LC-3036A18201410-06-20145.0036AAVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
6LC-2987A21201411-06-20145.9699APrime Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd
7LC-2997A47201418-06-20145.09111Lotus Realtech Pvt. Ltd.
8LC-2971A52201418-06-20145.00107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd.
9LC-2970A62201407-07-20145.0190Aster Infrahome Pvt. Ltd.
10LC-3054A63201407-07-20145.0081Manira Developers Pvt. Ltd.
11LC-3036B74201401-08-20144.0736AAVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
12LC-3106A81201408-08-20145.5688A-89AAlton Buildtech India Pvt. Ltd.
13LC-3007A82201408-08-20145.9063ASunrays Heights Pvt. Ltd.
14LC-3074A86201409-08-20146.1999Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
16LC-2995A106201413-08-20145.0099APareena Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
17LC-3150A116201420-08-20149.8870APyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd
18LC-2971B127201423-08-20141.13107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd.
19LC-2975A129201426-08-20145.6095Ramsons Organics Pvt. Ltd
20LC-3078A132201425-08-20145.0769-70Premium Infratech Pvt. Ltd. C/o Tulip Infratech
21LC-3065A138201428-08-20146.0071Sarvpriya Securities Pvt. Ltd.
22LC-3062A148201404-09-20145.00109Shyam Kirpa Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
23LC-2990A154201409-09-20145.2986Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
24LC-3005A157201411-09-20149.00103JMK Holding Pvt. Ltd.
25LC-3168A163201412-09-20147.0379BRevital Reality Pvt. Ltd.
26LC-3169A164201412-09-20145.0879BRevital Reality Pvt. Ltd.
27LC-2977A3201519-06-20145.00102Suncity Projects Pvt. Ltd.
28LC-3031A12201509-10-20155.0037CRMG Developers Pvt. Ltd.
29LC-3068A2201604-02-20165.0093Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd
30LC-3174B5201630-05-20165.0762Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
31LC-3089A6201616-06-20167.5109Ocean Seven Buildtech Pvt. Ltd
32LC-3228A7201628-06-20165.01112Delgris Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
33LC-3185A10201626-08-20169.8367AShri Colonisers & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
34LC-2824A13201626-09-20168.0395AForever Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
35LC-2986A17201625-10-20165.0495Chirag Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
36LC-2991A23201622-11-20165.5289Maxworth Infrastructure (P) Ltd.
37LC-2971C25201629-11-20163.00107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd
38LC-3106B27201616-12-2016.8189AAlton Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
39LC-2980A1201702-01-20178.1791,92Mahendra Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
40LC-3282A4201702-02-20179.7037DSignature Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.
41LC-3246A6201708-02-20176.3192GLS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.
42LC-3037A7201720-02-20175.0470Infinitive Analaytics Pvt. Ltd.